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New BMW 6-Series Coupe coming soon

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

It’s almost April, but it feels like January here in New Jersey with all the wintry weather we’ve been having this week! At our BMW dealer in NJ, we love a good rumor, but we really love when those rumors come true. The new BMW 6-Series Coupe is slated to be revealed at the Shanghai and New York auto shows this Spring. Don’t you just love BMW gossip? The staff at BMW of Freehold can’t get enough of it!


The new BMW 6-Series Coupe was previously revealed as a concept back in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show, but according to BMW Blog, we’re going to see the real deal at both the Shanghai Motor Show and the New York International Auto Show at the end of April.

The 6-Series Coupe, which is scheduled to grace the Euro and US markets this Fall, is said to be an “evolution” of its predecessor. However, the design carries a lot of presence, featuring a shorter rear deck and a dramatic slope of the rear light, just to name a few changes.

New BMW 6-Series Coupe

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Own an X3? There’s an App for that!

Friday, March 18th, 2011

We are loving the weather here in New Jersey lately! We’re looking forward to a warm and sunny weekend at our NJ BMW dealership! But…we’ve still got a few more hours until the weekend officially begins, so take a look at this article courtesy of BMW Blog about a new app that is perfect for BMW X3 owners and enthusiasts alike!

Article by: Horatiu B.

Mobile apps are the wave of the future and you’d better believe BMW is riding this one! BMW North America has just released a brand new app called, “BMW X3 Anywhere.” So far, this app is only available to those who are using iPhones and the iPod Touch. The new BMW X3 app is designed to allow the user to set their X3 in different imaginary scenarios. You can choose the color of your X3 and then place it in any backdrop you’d like; the mountains, the beach, or your front lawn, for example. You can snap a still of your scenario, save it to your phone/iPod and then share with your friends on Facebook!

BMW X3 Anywhere app

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Head of BMW Interior Design explains ConnectedDrive

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Hey there Bimmer fans! Life in the great Garden State has been fantastic lately; it’s lighter later, Spring is days away and things are really warming up! At BMW of Freehold, we are sooo looking forward to driving down the shore in our BMW convertibles with the top down! But for now, we are still enjoying all the buzz about the Geneva Motor Show. Our NJ BMW dealer has got some exclusive info from BMW’s Head of Interior Design, Marc Girard, courtesy of BMW Blog!


Marc Girard is BMW’s Interior Design guru; he worked on the design for the interior of the BMW 1-Series from 2000 to 2002, was head of Interior Design for the MINI brand from 2004 to 2006, and began leading the entire BMW Interior Design team in April 2009.

According to Girard, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept has 3 meanings: safety, which focuses on driver orientation, infotainment for interaction between the driver and the passenger, and convenience, which is mainly dealing with the overall comfort of the vehicle.

Although the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is certainly impressive, Girard mentions, “with user interface, you can have some knobs, you can do a lot of things. You see, in this car there’s almost nothing, so it has purity, reduction, has a lot to do with aesthetics.” The design is appealing, but the features are still out of this world. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept boasts Night Vision, a BMW ConnectedDrive Concierge service, and Parking Assistance, among many other details for the driver and passenger.

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

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World Premiere of BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

New month, new news…at BMW of Freehold, we like to keep our customers and Bimmer fans abreast of what’s happening in the wonderful world of BMW. We’ve brought you the video, you’ve seen the sketches and renders, but the real deal is finally being revealed! Apparently the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is a real show-stopper! We’ve got info on the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive’s debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, along with some great photos, courtesy of BMW Blog!

BMW unveiled the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive today at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. This futuristic beast is a roadster with room for two and a strong, bold look. Dynamic and modern, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive sports 20-inch wheels, kidney grills and double, rounded headlights.

However bold and beautiful the new BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is, it’s not all about the look; this new concept was designed to showcase BMW’s advancements in future technologies. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept features a head-up display that projects essential information in 3D, as well as the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Infotainment system which provides location-based information determined by the driver’s settings and preferences.

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

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