Head of BMW Interior Design explains ConnectedDrive

by Bob Bimmer

Hey there Bimmer fans! Life in the great Garden State has been fantastic lately; it’s lighter later, Spring is days away and things are really warming up! At BMW of Freehold, we are sooo looking forward to driving down the shore in our BMW convertibles with the top down! But for now, we are still enjoying all the buzz about the Geneva Motor Show. Our NJ BMW dealer has got some exclusive info from BMW’s Head of Interior Design, Marc Girard, courtesy of BMW Blog!

Source: BMWBlog.com

Marc Girard is BMW’s Interior Design guru; he worked on the design for the interior of the BMW 1-Series from 2000 to 2002, was head of Interior Design for the MINI brand from 2004 to 2006, and began leading the entire BMW Interior Design team in April 2009.

According to Girard, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept has 3 meanings: safety, which focuses on driver orientation, infotainment for interaction between the driver and the passenger, and convenience, which is mainly dealing with the overall comfort of the vehicle.

Although the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is certainly impressive, Girard mentions, “with user interface, you can have some knobs, you can do a lot of things. You see, in this car there’s almost nothing, so it has purity, reduction, has a lot to do with aesthetics.” The design is appealing, but the features are still out of this world. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept boasts Night Vision, a BMW ConnectedDrive Concierge service, and Parking Assistance, among many other details for the driver and passenger.

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

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