BMW X1 Delayed!

by Bob Bimmer

We’ve got good news and bad news…the good news is, BMW X3 sales are on the up with no signs of slowing down! The bad news is, the BMW X1 has been delayed in the United States. For those of you in New Jersey, and around the country, who were waiting with anticipation for the early 2011 arrival of the BMW X1, you may need to wait a bit longer. There is a silver-lining though; you will probably only have to wait until later this year! The employees at this NJ BMW dealer love the BMW X3, BMW X5 and BMW X6 models, so they are all getting psyched for the new BMW X1. Read on to learn a little more about BMW’s newest and highly anticipated crossover.


The release of the new BMW X1 has been delayed, reportedly, due to the high demand for the new crossover. The new BMW X1 will feature a new N20 four-cylinder turbo-charged engine. Originally, the CEO of BMW North American, Jim O’Donnell, was striving to release the BMW X1 this year, but the release date has been pushed again and Americans are going to have to keep waiting a bit longer.

For the time being, you can enjoy some pictures of the new BMW X1 below and a video of the crossover’s debut at the Montreal Auto Show earlier this year.

2012 BMW X1 xdrive28i

2012 BMW X1 xdrive28i

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