A Tour of BMW Classic

by Bob Bimmer

Things are really heating up here in New Jersey. The employees at this NJ BMW dealer are bracing themselves for some record high temperatures as we diving, head first, into a big heat wave. While it may be too hot to lounge around in the sun, it’s never too hot to cruise around in your BMW 6-Series Convertible! However, if you’re daydreaming of better weather and BMWs, take a little photo tour of BMW Classic in Germany, right from the comfort of your desk. BMW Blog has a slew of photos from a recent trip to BMW Classic that we’d like to share with you!

Source: BMWBlog.com

BMW Classic

Tucked away within the lovely city of Munich, Germany, BMW Classic houses some 200 cars and over 80 years of BMW history. Run by BMW Group Classic, the museum in Munich houses archives all of BMWs important documents, sketches, photos and more.

The atrium welcomes visitors and boasts a whole range of vehicles from the BMW Group.

BMW Classic Atrium

The first classic car you can see at the museum is a car that has drive over 300,000 miles in its lifetime.

BMW Classic Display

As you continue through the museum, you will discover tons of cars from BMW’s extensive history, including; BMW 501, BMW 507, BMW 3200, BMW M1, Formula 1s and 2s, as well as the BMW X5 Le Mans.

BMW 501

BMW 507

BMW 3200

BMW Racing

BMW X5 Le Mans

Enjoy these photos as you try to escape the heat this week!

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