Spy Shots: BMW ActiveHybrid 5

by Bob Bimmer

This Spring, BMW will finally roll out the ActiveHybrid 5, BMW’s 6-cylinder hybrid model. This high performance hybrid is sure to change the way we view hybrids in the future, with BMW engineers behind the project. Visit our New Jersey BMW dealership to check out BMW’s current hybrid lineup and get more information on the ActiveHybrid 5!

Source: BMW Blog

Hybrids have certainly come a long way over the years, evolving from simple sedans to luxury sports carsBMW’s ActiveHybrid 5 Concept, which is going to be available in the Spring of 2012, is really getting us excited. For the first time in BMW history, there will be a hybrid with a powerful 6 cylinder engine! Its great to see BMW putting in so much effort to ensure efficiency. The ActiveHybrid 5′s combustion engine will briefly (as-needed) switch off to save fuel whenever you are stopped in traffic! The ActiveHybrid 5′s design will be very similar to a non-hybrid 5 Series, meaning that BMW won’t be sacrificing style for economy.

Initially, the ActiveHybrid 5 will be rolled out in 5 markets, including the US. This means you can get your hands on one at launch! Come check out our NJ BMW dealership for more info on BMW’s hybrid models and learn more about the upcoming ActiveHybrid 5. Until next spring, be sure to look at our News and Events section for any updates and connect with us through social media to stay posted on the newest pictures and info!

ActiveHybrid 5

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