BMW Head-Up Display – Simulation Augmented Reality

by Bob Bimmer

BMW just can’t stop ‘wowing’ us here at this NJ BMW dealership! The latest cutting edge technology from BMW is their new “head-up display.” Although it may be awhile until this is released, BMW recently debuted a ton of information and a little demo video! We’ve got all of the latest details for you, courtesy of BMW! Read the article below to learn all about BMW’s “Augmented Reality.”

Source: BMW

Last week, BMW revealed information on their next generation Head-Up Display. First released in 2004, the Head-Up Display from BMW was the first system to use a color projector which provided driving-related information directly in the driver’s line of sight. The next generation Head-Up display arrived in 2011 and featured this time even more full-color graphics, a significant improvement over the first generation.

The next generation Head-Up Display acquires a so-called “contact analogue” functionality, widely known to others as Augmented Reality.

BMW says that “this is a technique whereby virtual “markings” are superimposed on real objects in the external environment, so that navigation information or information from the driver assistance systems can be displayed at exactly the right points on the driver’s view of the road scene. Navigation instructions can be blended into the road, and vehicles or safety-relevant objects can be highlighted or marked in context.”

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